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Post by Stratego on Thu Aug 28, 2008 6:15 am


Here is a portable e-mail software like thunderbird - nopupuk...
It's name is FOXMAIL (chinese software)

Fowmail (French page)

Foxmail uk (translated in uk)

IMAP4-mail connectivity support agreements;
Can add convenient and efficient search folders;
Optimize the speed of mail received;
Written message from the quick address book selection;
Write a message automatically saved;
Read a message when the mouse into contact position, can display the full e-mail address;
Optimization of the mailing list sort of experience;
Restoration of the right to add pages long string Rss, led to the collapse of the loopholes in the browser;
Optimized the address book of the loading speed;
Optimization of a number of details and experience;
That a number of BUG.

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