Starting Lupo Pensuite from VistaPE

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Starting Lupo Pensuite from VistaPE

Post by goliath on Thu Dec 24, 2009 1:18 pm

I startet VistaPE from CD and then tried to start Lupo Pen Suite from USB-Stik. This seems to be not possible.
At firste I get a small message box fom ASuite only with an ok button. Then a message box from ASuite "no active document". Then an error message from asuite.exe "unknown software error.." After that an Application error "Exception EoleException in mopdule ASuite.exe ... DLL---"

My question: is it not possible to start Lupo Pen Suite fom VistaPE? This would be very helpful!

I tried to attach the error messages as jpg but could not find apossibility to attach the files.

Regards Goliath


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Re: Starting Lupo Pensuite from VistaPE

Post by Lupo73 on Fri Dec 25, 2009 2:59 pm

Welcome Goliath,
you can attach images with the buttons available on the top of the text box. In alternative you can host them on websites like and link them here.
I never tested the Suite with live os like VistaPE. You could try to report the issue also to the ASuite author ..he is working on the new major update 2.0 of it, that will includes lots of improvements and so it could consider to improve also this feature.


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