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Post by Lupo73 on Sat Feb 13, 2010 3:25 pm

New version 2010.02 available!
After about 2 months of work, this release includes several improvements: various new powerful software added (DropIt, eToolz, eXpresso, md5hash, NetSetMan, XMPlay), a widely improved Suite Manager (redesigned, existent features improved, added features to autorun the Suite from hard disk and pendrive, to use portable file associations with Suite software and more), programs of Extra category now support single update with Manage Apps too, some additional skins included in the package, several software updated (like Firefox 3.6, foobar2000 1.0, Q-Dir 4.04, uTorrent 2.0), some old apps removed and much more.

Change Log v2010.02
* Improved Extra section
* Improved internal structure
* Added some online games
* Added some skins
* Updated Suite Manager
* Updated Suite Starter
* Removed some online games
* Removed some skins
* Added "DropIt (v0.9)"
* Added "eToolz (v3.4.4)"
* Added "eXpresso (v1.2.5)"
* Added "md5hash (v1.0.3.5)"
* Added "NetSetMan (v3.0.1)"
* Added "XMPlay (v3.5.1 + extra)"
* Updated "Audacity (v1.3.11 beta)"
* Updated "CCleaner Portable (v2.28)"
* Updated "CPU-Z (v1.53.1)"
* Updated "Defraggler (v1.16)"
* Updated "Eigenmath (v137)"
* Updated "EssentialPIM Portable (v3.23)"
* Updated "FileZilla (v3.3.1)"
* Updated "Firefox Portable (v3.6)"
* Updated "foobar2000 (v1.0)"
* Updated "GIMP Portable (v2.6.8)"
* Updated "HotKeyz (v2.7.9.0)"
* Updated "HTTrack Portable (v3.43-9)"
* Updated "MediaInfo (v0.7.27)"
* Updated "MyUninstaller (v1.65)"
* Updated "NetWorx (v5.0.8)"
* Updated "Notepad++ (v5.6.6)"
* Updated "PDF-XChange Viewer (v2.0.46)"
* Updated "PicPick (v2.2.1)"
* Updated "Pidgin Portable (v2.6.5)"
* Updated "POP Peeper (v3.6.0)"
* Updated "Portable Puzzles (v2.3 r8853)"
* Updated "Q-Dir (v4.04)"
* Updated "Recuva Portable (v1.35)"
* Updated "SIW (v2010 build 0210)"
* Updated "SpyDLLRemover (v3.2)"
* Updated "System Explorer (v2.0.8)"
* Updated "Thunderbird Portable (v3.0.1)"
* Updated "Universal Extractor (v1.6 R8)"
* Updated "USBDeview (v1.56)"
* Updated "uTorrent (v2.0 build 17920)"
* Updated "VLC Portable (v1.0.5)"
* Updated "xp-AntiSpy (v3.97-9)"
* Updated "YoyoCut (v2.5.0.206)"
* Removed "AIMP (v2.60)" (replaced with XMPlay)
* Removed "Coffee (v0.1 R3)" (replaced with eXpresso)
* Removed "FreePortScanner (v2.8)" (users request)
* Removed "Hasher (v1.20)" (replaced with md5hash)
* Removed "HoverIP (v1.0 beta)" (replaced with eToolz)
* Removed "IPNetInfo (v1.21)" (replaced with eToolz)
* Removed "NTREGOPT (v1.1j)" (old unused app)
* Removed "PowerMenu (v1.5.1)" (duplicate not needed)
* Removed "Regshot (v1.8.2)" (duplicate not needed)
* Removed "ServiWin (v1.38)" (duplicate not needed)
* Removed "UPX Tool+ (v1.1.1)" (duplicate not needed)
* Removed "WhoisThisDomain (v1.41)" (replaced with eToolz)

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